If you like galaxy-spanning adventures set on alluring planets and characters who struggle with moral philosophy, you'll enjoy this series.

A world of wind:

 Justice ebbs and flows through the Sagittarius Arm. For three Spans a galactic civilization has risen and fallen, fighting to survive and expand humanity's reach. Energy is capital and terraforming technologies are highly coveted. Wind power drives both economy and spiritual worship, and comes at the cost of colonial oppression and environmental cataclysm.

     But not all desire greed and political supremacy. The Legion rises, built to fight those who occupy star systems with willful arrogance. The Patent War is fought to preserve autonomous planetary societies and to keep the Arm free of monopolistic tyranny.

     Victory comes with a hard price. Traces of anger lead to excessive punishment for the losing side. Resentment brews and a new rebel resistance rises. In the more isolated star systems, it forms from those who are outcasts on their own planets. They fight for equality and to repossess their lost, indigenous cultures. Others rise against outside oppressors and long-term occupations, driven by endless hegemonic rule and harsh sanctions.

     But this is a human battle, built from a foundation of morality and the struggle between honor, family and responsibility to the state.  Will the Wind Tide rise and fill the sails of justice or will it abate under the pressures of greed and domination?   

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