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Stellar Instinct 

A spy-fi space opera (2022)

A daring secret agent. A virtual reality mastermind. Two players in a deadly game of galactic cat and mouse...

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Goodbye to the Sun

WInd Tide #1 (2021)

A rebel pilot teams up with a war-torn diplomat in a bid to win her people's freedom — but an impossible choice awaits... 

GBTTS Ebook Cover.jpg

Jati's Wager

Wind Tide #2 (2021)

When "all-in" is the only option.

*Nominated for 2 Indie Ink Awards (2022).
Non-binary Representation and Best Morally Gray Character.

JW Ebook Cover.jpg

No Song, but Silence

Wind Tide #3 (2021)

Can the secrets of a lost philosophy break the cycle of vengeance?

The epic conclusion to the Wind Tide trilogy.

NSBS Ebook Cover.jpg

Wind Tide:
The Complete Series

A Space Opera Box Set 

1000+ pages of epic space opera!

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