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TBR CON 24' announced! (Moderator: Building Believable Sci-Fi Worlds)

Stellar Instinct by Jonathan Nevair
Goodbye to the Sun by Jonathan Nevair
Jati's Wager by Jonathan Nevair
No Song but Silence by Jonathan Nevair

Character-driven space opera and spy-fi adventure.


Agent Renault plays cloak and dagger against her most formidable opponent yet – a ruthless and cunning expert at cards and more deadly arts besides.




Sharp action with intriguing characters.

-Rachel Aukes, best selling author of Space Junk

(Wayward Wars)

Praise for the Agent Renault Adventures Series

Built around some fantastic interstellar world building, the book puts rocket boosters on the secret agent trope and blasts it into outer space.

-The Bookbeard

Nevair plants his foot on the pedal and doesn't let up...

Peter Hartog, author 

of Bloodlines

Upcoming & Recent Events

For a full list of past appearances, please go to the Appearances page.


Science Fiction Association of Bergen County.

(Dec 9, 2023).


The Greatest Podcast in the Multiverse Host: H. Steuernagel.

(Aug 15, 2023).

Space Cowboy Flash Fiction Reading Jonathan Nevair

Flash Science Fiction Night: Online Reading. Host: Space Cowboy Books.

(May 23, 2023). 9 p.m. EST

TBR CON Hopepunk 2023

TBR CON 2023

Topic: Hopepunk and Optimistic Futures

Jan. 29 12-1:30 p.m. EST

TBR CON 2023 A New Golden Age of Space Opera

TBR CON 2023

Topic: A New Golden Age of Space Opera

Jan. 25 10-11:30 a.m. EST

Online interview and Reading Space Cowboy Books Jonathan Nevair

Online Author Reading and Interview. Host: Space Cowboy Books.

(January 24th 2023). 9 p.m. EST

Jonathan Nevair Interview SFF Addicts Podcast

SFF Addicts Podcast. Author Interview. Host: Adrian Gibson.

(December 15th 2022).

Fiction Fans Podcast Jonathan Nevair Stellar Instinct

Fiction Fans Podcast. Author Interview:

Stellar Instinct by Jonathan Nevair 

(December 9, 2022).

SFF Addicts Heists and Capers Jonathan Nevair

SFF Addicts podcast: Heists & Capers in SFF - Leslye Penelope, M.J. Kuhn, Robert Bennett Jackson,

Jonathan Nevair (Nov. 1, 2022).

SFF Addicts Space Opera Jonathan Nevair Adrian Tchaikovsky J.s. Dewes
Untitled design.png

SFF Addicts podcast. Panel: Space Opera - Adrian Tchaikovsky, J.S. Dewes, Jonathan Nevair (Feb 8, 2022)

Jonathan Nevair

Jonathan Nevair

Jonathan Nevair (he/him/his) is a science fiction writer and the pen name for an art historian and college professor at an art & design college in Philadelphia. After two decades of academic teaching and publishing, he finally got up the nerve to write fiction.  

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