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Valorious Awards - Finalist 2024

Escape into a world of galactic espionage in this fast, fun, and entertaining spy-fi series.

Ride along with Agent Lilline Renault and her GAM-OPs allies as they fight to keep billions safe across the stars. With cloak-and-dagger finesse, a fierce wit, and lightning-fast fighting reflexes, Lilline confronts cosmic mysteries and thwarts the dastardly plans of criminal masterminds. A cast of unique and quirky alien personalities, alluring and dangerous planetary settings, and character-driven secret agent storylines makes the Agent Renault series perfect for readers looking for a fast, fun, and entertaining mix of sci-fi adventure and spy thriller suspense.

*The Agent Renault books are standalone adventures - start anywhere in the series!

Releases Nov. 19th!

Cosmic Widow

Agent Renault Adventures

A deadly race to recover a priceless portrait.


When the legendary Cosmic Widow vanishes from the galaxy’s premiere art museum, Agent Lilline Renault delves into a shadowy underworld to hunt down the missing masterpiece.


Her only clue: the thief’s enigmatic calling card. Following a scant trail of evidence, Lilline crosses paths with shady art dealers, eccentric university professors, and elusive forgers in a tangled search for the stolen work of art.


But the robber’s end game is more sinister than mere theft. Sleeping secrets stir inside the Cosmic Widow… If they wake, an arcane mystery locked away for ages could spell disaster across the stars.

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To Spy a Star

Agent Renault Adventures (2023)

One star can break a galaxy.

Agent Renault plays cloak and dagger against her most formidable opponent yet - a ruthless and cunning expert at cards and more deadly arts besides. Her mission: retrieve a stolen asset known as the Star Eye.

Aided by her eccentric agency team and armed with state-of-the-art gadgets, she races to solve a devious conspiracy and bring down her elusive foe. But a specter haunts the agency's halls, whispering secrets from its past. Allies and enemies alike wear masks in the espionage game. Lilline must decide who to trust if she hopes to take down a sinister and vengeful mastermind before a wave of terror crashes across the stars.


Valorious Awards - Finalist 2024

Stellar Instinct

Agent Renault Adventures (2022)

When galactic danger calls, Agent Renault answers.

Strange signals pulse from an icy planet in a remote star system. Enter Lilline Renault, GAM-OPs secret agent extraordinaire. To ordinary citizens she's Keely Larkin, an adventure company guide with a flair for the daring and a penchant for writing trite poetry.

When a terrifying link between high-tech entertainment and ancient cosmic forces rises, Lilline leaps into action. Verses flow as she rockets through space, dons cunning disguises, and infiltrates enemy territory with an arsenal of secret gadgets. To solve the mystery behind a dastardly plan means beating a mastermind at his own game. Lilline will need her best weapon to stand a fighting chance: her instinct.

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