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Stellar Instinct

-Rachel Aukes, best-selling author of Space Junk (Wayward Wars)

Sharp action with intriguing characters.


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 A page-turning scifi thriller!

-Paul's Picks

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New release!


A daring secret agent. A virtual reality mastermind. Two players in a deadly game of galactic cat and mouse...

Strange signals pulse from an icy planet. GAM-OPs wants answers. Enter Lilline Renault, agent extraordinaire. To ordinary citizens she’s Keely Larkin, an adventure company guide with a flair for the daring and a penchant for writing trite poetry.

When the mission uncovers a dastardly plan threatening billions of lives, Lilline leaps into action. Verses flow as she rockets through space, dons cunning disguises, and infiltrates enemy territory with an arsenal of secret gadgets.


To stop a wealthy entrepreneur from turning the galaxy into a deadly playground means beating him at his own game. Lilline will need her best weapon to stand a fighting chance: her instinct.

STELLAR INSTINCT: a fast, fun, and furiously entertaining spy-fi space opera.


Book Blogger Reviews


This book was an adrenaline pumping, non-stop thrill ride through space that I couldn't put down.

- The Book & Nature Professor

A joyous romp!

-Fictionfans Podcast

...equally enjoyable by someone who has absorbed Star Trek into their personality as it is by someone who would rather watch Kingsman.

- Westveil Publishing

Stellar Instinct is a blast of fun and adventure...


- Spells and Spaceships unrelenting page turner.


- Sue's Musings

This whirlwind of a galactic thriller is a definite recommendation to my fellow spy-fi readers!

- Scarlett Readz & Runz

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