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To Spy a Star

New Release: Agent Renault Adventures

A blend of fast-paced thriller excitement and character-driven adventure, each book in the series is a standalone story.

Agent Renault is back! 

Another classic secret agent adventure set in a multi-species galactic universe.

Ride along with Agent Lilline Renault and her crew of agency allies as they fight to keep billions safe across the galaxy. 


Agent Renault Adventures


One star can break a galaxy.

Agent Renault plays cloak and dagger against her most formidable opponent yet – a ruthless and cunning expert at cards and more deadly arts besides. Her mission: retrieve a stolen asset known as the Star Eye.


Aided by her eccentric agency team and armed with state-of-the-art gadgets, she races to solve a devious conspiracy and bring down her elusive foe.

But a specter haunts the agency’s halls, whispering secrets from its past. Allies and enemies alike wear masks in the espionage game. Lilline must decide who to trust if she hopes to take down a sinister and vengeful mastermind before a wave of terror crashes across the stars.

TO SPY A STAR: a standalone spy-fi adventure in the Agent Renault series.

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