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Wind Tide Box Set

Praise for WIND TIDE

-Westveil Publishing

"If you haven't started reading the Wind Tide books yet, what are you waiting for? Read them in order, and start as soon as you can." .

Wind Tide a space opear box set Jonathan Nevair

"I cannot recommend this series enough. Wind Tide is simply a must read for any science fiction fan." 

-The Book & Nature Professor

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WIND TIDE the complete series

Box set includes the complete trilogy.

Wind Tide: The Complete Series: 1000+ pages/35+ hours of epic space opera.

Experience the excitement and adventure as Razor, Jati, Ailo, and their allies fight to change the course of civilization in the Sagittarius Arm.

Titles included:

Goodbye to the Sun (Book 1): A rebel pilot teams up with a war-torn diplomat in a bid to win her people's freedom — but an impossible choice awaits...

Jati's Wager (Book 2): When "all-in" is the only option. An action-packed heist to turn the tide.

No Song, but Silence (Book 3): Can the secrets of a lost philosophy break the cycle of vengeance? The epic conclusion to the trilogy.

A vast and sweeping galactic civilization in the throes of conflict and change. The Third Span... an age when wind energy and terraforming technologies dominate the fight for power and control of star systems.

Character-driven action with a one-of-a-kind cast of personalities - Nevair's crew of freedom fighters bring a galactic universe to life with a unique literary touch. Rich and vibrant planetary settings, space travel, mesmerizing biospheres, and worldbuilding rich in cultural invention form the backdrop to an epic journey of moral struggle and ecological change.

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